During project implementation, according to the activities provided, the following were purchased:


  1. Goods and equipment required in order to equip the space in which they operate “child helpline and mobile team” office such as:




Desks PC Telephone with accessories
Chairs Printer, Xerox, fax Mobil phone
Filling cases TV
Closets DVD
Shelves Fax machine
Table TV Camera
Video camera


  1. Goods intended for project’s beneficiaries – abused / neglected / exploited children and parents attending counseling sessions:
  • Food packages (containing products such as oil, rice, canned food, sweets, etc.)
  • Play and educational packages (containing school supplies, office equipment and board games).

III. Promotional material that will be granted to specialists participating in sessions of disseminating the methodological guidelines:

– diplomat bag type

– agenda

– USB stick

– pen

  1. Services such as:
  • telephone – by contracting toll free telephone service
  • training,
  • auditing
  • TV spot design,
  • lettering materials
  • printing methodological guides,
  • website development and maintenance
  • IT services (software design for notified child abuse cases database)
  1. Consumables for management team and project implementation:

– office supplies

–  fuel

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